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#161 - Andrew Bridgen MP, My First Ever Podcast (Better Late Than Never)

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This conversation

I was reflecting recently on the last year. You see it is almost exactly a year ago I started recording episodes for my podcast, although I didn't start publishing these until June 2023.

It made me think about the first podcast I recorded, which was with Andrew Bridgen MP. At the time a real scoop in my eyes.

To some he is a hero, to others he is controlled opposition, to others a corrupt and lying MP just like the rest of them, and yet to others, he is an MP who has simply gone mad and is now a looney conspiracy theorist.

Whatever your thoughts, he certainly makes for an interesting guest.

Sadly being a rookie podcaster, the episode was besought with problems. The software I used to record crashed about 7 or 8 times leaving me with multiple recordings which I didn't really know how to stitch together. By the time I did learn, The podcast episode was months old. By that point, I was wondering if there was even any point in releasing the podcast.

I've now recorded 190 podcasts and this is the 161 to be published. I was a bit raw back then so please go easy on me.

It may be that you will find this podcast boring, and unexceptional, perhaps it is entertaining and informative. I don't know.

I did a poll with you my substack paid subscribers and 67% voted for this episode to be published so here we are.

Why don't you let me know in the comments, I read them all, promise.

Enjoy the episode

Much love Ahmad


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