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#159 - Running For London Mayor - Andreas Michli




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About this episode -

Andreas Michli is a proud father, health and fitness entrepreneur, and Independent Candidate for Mayor of London.

The Mayor of London was a position formed in 2000. The office has a budget of approximately 23 billion pounds. in some respects, the Mayor has more executive power than the Prime Minister.

The current incumbent Sadiq Khan has been in power for 8 years and is a controversial figure. On his watch murders have risen to record levels and he has expanded the congestion zone and introduced ULEZ and other unpopular measures.

STOP ULEZ | Romford

Under the watch of of Sadiq, knife crime has risen to record levels, in the last 2 years alone over 1000 people have been murdered.

Knife crime surges by 16% in London in the past year amid a spate of  violent robberies while sex attacks jump up by 20% and advance fee scams  increase 'six-fold' since the

London deserves better than Sadiq Khan. But do the other big party candidates really offer any alternative? of course they don’t. There is no real major policy difference and all want to carry on with the Net Zero and WHO agendas.

We can only blame ourselves if we don’t vote or vote for the party we have always traditionally voted for because it’s “our term”.

In the last election 60% of voters did NOT vote. If they all voted for Andreas, he would come into power and send shockwaves not around just the UK but the world.

I hope Londoners will do the right thing and take power back into the hands of the common people.

Andreas is a truly independent candidate. He has 100% self-funded his campaign so that he is not beholden to anyone. A Londoner born and bred, he trained as an accountant and then set up the Zone Gym. Andreas became famous during the plandemic when he resisted the government measures to close his Gym during lockdowns.

Fed up with the charade of uni party politics with no real democratic choice, Andreas has thrown his hat in the ring offering to be a true people's Mayor, upholding the freedom of the citizens of London.

Andreas is a sincere man, and clearly passionate about standing up and doing the right thing.

I really hope he causes a major upset and wins this seat although the odds are stacked against him.

If you live in London or know of Londoners, please encourage them to vote for Andreas. It's time London had a real Mayor who genuinely cares about them and isn't just another puppet.

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I hope you enjoy this episode.

Much love Ahmad

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