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#200 - Mandatory Vaccination And Informed Consent

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Dear Doc Malik, 

Don't reply! I don't want to add to your overwhelmed state! I just really want to tell you that you have quickly climbed to the top of my long list of favourite podcasters. I do love you and your work, and I am absolutely delighted to discover the treasure trove of back podcasts I haven't heard yet. Thank you for this wonderful gift to the world. 

From a new paid subscriber, Joan

Hi Ahmad,

Love your work man 🙏 

Just started to listen to you after your Delingpole Pod a few months ago - your enthusiasm, humanity, empathy and fracking passion for casting light over the last four years is truly inspiring.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for drawing a line in the sand buddy. 

When so many medical professionals have hidden their truth, opting to cognitively turn a blind eye and keep paying the mortgage, keep the pension pot rolling and the private school fees going, along with so many other employees within the deep state, school headmasters,  (Mike Fairclough could be a good chat), police, lawyers, Judges. I unfortunately know so many morally bankrupt people that still choose to keep their phat fingers in their ears. Fracking frustrating!

Keep the faith brother, thank you for all of your hard work, stay strong and thank you for being a brilliant inspiration to all of humanity.

All the best,

David & Donna 

Thank you to my new and existing paid subscribers x

About this episode -

Elizabeth Hart is from Adelaide, South Australia, and has been investigating vaccination policy for 15 years, starting with pet vaccination after one of her dogs was put down in 2008 due to a vaccine complication. Elizabeth subsequently discovered gross over-vaccination of pets, a problem which was taken up by consumer advocate Choice magazine in 2010.

Elizabeth is now investigating the over-vaccination of humans with ever-increasing taxpayer-funded 'womb to tomb' vaccination schedules, reaching a crescendo with the insane situation of people being pressed to have COVID-19 vaccine products every few months.

Elizabeth is an independent researcher campaigning for the medical profession to fulfil its legal and ethical duty to properly inform people about vaccination, and obtain valid voluntary informed consent for this medical intervention. This is coming to the fore with the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted Covid response, see for example Elizabeth's BMJ rapid response published in March 2020 -

In this conversation with Elizabeth, I talk about her journey from a pet owner who never questioned vaccines of any sort to the campaigner she is today.

In particular, we discuss mandatory vaccinations and the lack of informed consent. Elizabeth also exposes the blatant and horrendous conflicts of interest that exist.

Elizabeth is a warrior on a mission to expose all the corrupt individuals and corporations behind one of the greatest scams and crimes against humanity.

If this podcast don’t make you think twice about vaccines, I don’t know what will.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

Much love

Ahmad x

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Doc Malik Honest Health is a reader-listener supported publication. To support my work, and help fight back against the evil bastards, upgrade to Paid and join the clan of freedom loving dissidents! (please)

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Much love Ahmad


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