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#172 - Andrew Bridgen MP On Political Corruption, War With Russia And More




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About this episode -

This was going to be a paywall episode for my paid subscribers but I think it is too important a conversation and should be heard by all. Please support me if you can.

Andrew Bridgen is someone almost everyone knows about. A crazy anti-vax conspiracy theorist to some while to others he is a hero.

I'll be honest I've been sitting on the fence when it comes to Andrew. Sure he has been doing some great work but there are also serious questions to be asked about his past and current judgements. Is he ill-advised? Has he simply made poor decisions because he has poor judgement? Or is he an establishment-controlled opposition and providing limited hangout?

I invited Andrew back on my show, 1 year after we first met. I used (the fantastic)

and (brilliant)Jonathan Tilts smashing open letter as a guide to quiz Andrew about some issues that on the surface don't seem to make sense. It's a great letter and you can find it here.

Andrew wasn't pre-warned about the format of the conversation but simply pitched up on my doorstep. His responses seemed genuine and my instinct (for better or worse) is to believe he isn't directly controlled and that he has been misled, has a poor judge of character, is perhaps too trusting and has made some grave errors. I might be wrong and he is in fact Keyser Söze, in which case, frack me!

For those that don’t know Keyser Soze was a mysterious criminal mastermind (see the movie Usual Suspects) who for most of the movie played an unassuming disabled relatively innocent seeming character.

The Usual Suspects

But hey ho, why don’t you listen and judge for yourself. I just don’t know anything anymore, it’s all so damn confusing!

We covered various topics like why he joined the Reclaim Party, why he left, what his court case with Matt Hancock is about and the merits of it. Why he chose Democracy 3.0 as the crowd funding platform, where the money has been spent, his position on the Ukraine-Russia war and the Israel-Palestine conflict. And a lot more.

I hope you enjoy it.


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I have to thank my dear friend Vanessa Gray who brought Miri’s brilliant letter to my attention and suggested I give Andrew the opportunity to answer some legitimate questions over his conduct and actions.

I rely on people like Vanessa and YOU my supporters who email me, message me and advise me on topics and guests. Without you all I would literally be fumbling around in the dark. So thank you Vanessa and all of you.

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