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#163 - The Truth About HIV & AIDS

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As a child growing up in the eighties, I remember vividly the government posters and TV adverts warning the public about the dangers of HIV and AIDs.

Looking back, it was an “age of fear” with posters and adverts which had a really dark tone to them. Two chilling TV adverts stood out for me, one the crumbling iceberg and the second the falling tombstone and slogan “AIDS – don’t die of ignorance”.

I remember one Saturday when I was helping out in my dad’s shoe shop, Malik Footwear, Yvonne the young assistant who worked for my dad mentioned AIDS for the first time. She was reading a tabloid newspaper that had a government advert in it. It was 1987 and I was 11 years old. I was quite an innocent lad having been brought up in a religious household. I didn’t have a clue about how the birds and bees were made. The word sex was alien to me. All I knew back then was that there was a deadly disease circulating in the world and that there was no known cure. I remember feeling scared at the time. But that wasn’t the only fear porn I was exposed to. The threat of nuclear war and the end of life on earth hung in the back of my consciousness and didn’t abate until the end of the Cold War.

When AIDS arrived
Fred W. McDarrah/Getty Images. Poster: Malcolm Gaskin and David O͛Connor-Thompson, for Department of Health & Social Security 1986

It wasn’t until later on that I started to ask questions. Why did AIDS predominantly affect Gay men in the West but heterosexual couples in Africa? Where did it suddenly come from? For something so deadly that doesn’t have a cure, why is it something that isn’t spoken much about these days? If there isn’t a cure, how does the treatment work?

In the periphery of my awareness, I knew that there were those who questioned the official HIV and AIDS narrative. I didn’t dismiss them as crazy people, but simply carried out a mental shrug. I wasn’t an awake normie as I am today. I was fast asleep and didn’t question.

The COVID years have changed everything. They make me question everything that I have taken for granted, especially when the source is the government and mainstream media.

Origin mystery, no treatment, deadly, widespread, contagious virus, fear porn, use of experimental drugs, Fauci, global response, cannot question the official narrative, lots of money involved and cancelling of any scientists or individuals who dare to question are some of the common features of Covid and HIV/AIDS.

I literally got chills': Dr. Fauci recalls reading 1st report about AIDS 40  years ago - ABC News
Fauci was at the heart of the HIV/AIDS storm in the 1980s and again during the COVID years

HIV and the fear of AIDS was sold to the public. To those with HIV, they were treated in effect as if they had a terminal diagnosis. When AZT was offered as a treatment, people rushed to have it. But AZT as we now know had major side effects including anaemia and bone marrow suppression and in fact many of the symptoms of AIDS. Did people die of AIDS or AZT?

Antiretroviral drugs | PPT

Note anaemia can leave you breathless and neutropenia means a reduction in your white cells (your immune cells and therefore your ability to fight off infections and cancer).

My conversation with David Rasnick is fascinating. What if he is correct? What if COVID was simply the HIV/AIDS scam version 2.0, this time ramped up on a truly global scale and sold to all the masses not just a minority group as before?

Listen to this podcast episode and decide for yourself.


Much love Ahmad


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