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About this episode -

What an honour and privilege to have Dr Chris Exley PhD (Mr Aluminium) on my show. Chris is a true scientist, ethical, man of integrity and honesty. A rare soul in a scientific sea of conflicts of interest, cowards, and groupthink.

Aluminium is the 3rd most abundant element in the earth's crust, but paradoxically has no known biological function in plants or animals and in fact is cytotoxic.

For most of Earth's history, Aluminium has been safely locked away with silicon and oxygen. But 150 years ago with the mass production of Aluminium that all changed. All life on this planet is now exposed to this toxic element.

Chris's research has revealed the alarming impact this has had on human health, and after listening to this podcast you will understand why he was cancelled.

Chris has spent 40 years researching and studying Aluminium and its effect on human health. He has published almost 300 scientific papers on the subject. His world-renowned and respected reputation as the leading authority on Aluminium however was not enough to save him when he came up against the Aluminium, Big Pharma and Vaccine industries.

Chris was cancelled by (the cowardly) Keele University and attempts were made to discredit him in the media.

Chris has written a book titled "Imagine you are an aluminium atom", I encourage everyone to buy this book.

I also hope it will make you think twice about products that you buy and injections that you take…..

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