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#003 - Supporter Stories




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About this episode -

For too long, the Covid Plandemic has been a faceless monolith, represented by the media mainly through charts, graphs and confusing numbers. Science was corrupted, people were manipulated on a global scale and statistical jugglery was used to confuse, guide, and misinform.

I have been moved by the messages from my paid supporters, who come from all walks of life and from across the globe. I have read some incredible emails, listened over the phone to amazing minds and beautiful souls, and most importantly I have learnt so much from them.

I want to give a voice to these people. Everyone has a story worth telling, and I want to highlight this through this series of podcasts.

In this episode, we have Karine talking about her experience in Germany, Neil in the UK and Wayne who has been vaccine injured.

If you are one of my supporters and would like to feature in the supporter series, please get in touch. If I have failed to get back to you it's because I'm inundated with correspondence and am struggling to keep up. You have my permission to badger me.

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I hope you enjoy this episode.


Much love Ahmad

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